What is the Homelessness Learning Hub?

The Homelessness Learning Hub (HLH) is the place for professional development and community capacity building for frontline service providers from the homeless-serving sector in Canada. The HLH is brought to you by the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness. The HLH uses the innovative structure of massive open online classrooms to provide access to free resources that are:

  • Practical: Resources have been reviewed to ensure they are accessible to frontline staff and managers. They provide operational suggestions in the form of toolkits, guides, webinars, and more, to broad concepts, such as Housing First, or Trauma-informed care. The resources even have an estimated time for reviewing the resource, so users know how much time they would need to invest in a resource. 
  • Relevant: Each resource has been marked with the appropriate Target Audience for whom it is applicable. That means that you can find the resources that are right for you by filtering on the Library and Course pages. Additionally, these resources can also be filtered by the focus area that users are interested in gaining more practical information about.  
  • Trusted: All of the resources have been reviewed to ensure quality based on best practices and evidence-based research in the field. 

How can you use the Homelessness Learning Hub?

Check out a course

Courses are collections of resources grouped by topic. Some of these range from beginner basics (such as Housing First 101) to specifics in case management (such as working with youth). As the website develops and grows, we will create more self-paced courses with clear learning outcomes (such as the Systems Planning Collective Learning Modules). 

Pro-tip: Did you like a resource or course? "Favourite" it and you can come back to it under My Account.

Browse the library

Looking for resources that don't align with any of the existing courses? The Library is great way to filter through resources (stand alone resources or those attached to courses) based on your focus area of interest or the target audience. 

Start a discussion forum

Peer-to-peer engagement is a great way to source information from people who have similar experiences as you and your organization. 

Submit a resource

This website can't exist without your help. Do you have a great professional development resource that fits within the focus areas of the website? Send it over and we'll take a look.

Share an event

Got an event coming up in your community or online (ie. a webinar) that can support professional development or capacity building for your peers? Send us the details and we'll post it on our events page. 

Ask an expert

Looking for a little advice? We can connect you to a number of sector experts who can help you out. Ask your own question or browse the existing answers. More experts coming in Fall 2019.