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    Being homeless means you are more vulnerable to the spread of infectious disease than people with housing. The rigours of life on the streets mean that people experiencing homelessness have compromised health and are vulnerable to the spread of infectious disease.

Courses are collections of resources grouped by topic. Some of these range from beginner basics (such as Housing First 101) to specifics in case management (such as working with youth). As the website develops and grows, we will create more self-paced courses with clear learning outcomes (much like the Systems Planning Collective Learning Modules). 

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    Point-in-Time (PiT) Counts are coordinated community efforts to enumerate (or count) the homeless population in a given community at a given time. PiT Counts provide important evidence informing resources needed, as well as painting a picture of change over time. 

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    Program evaluation is one of the most effective ways of making programs and organizations that serve people more sustainable. Evaluation can also allow you to ask big questions, find answers, and reflect on how to improve in order to best serve program participants.

    The following list of resources can work to get your organization thinking about and planning for program evaluation. 

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