Closing Reflections

Closing Reflections

When you have completed the training, reflect on what you have learned.

1) Write a “WOW”—something you learned that was important to you.

2) Write a “HOW ABOUT”? — a question or other idea you have about something covered in the training.


August 11, 2020

WOW - Focus group tips was helpful, as well as sample housing needs assessment, and sample qualitative data analysis tools available online

HOW ABOUT - still thinking about best way to disseminate findings of evaluations I have been working on


August 31, 2020

WOW - strategies for in-depth interviews was helpful

HOW ABOUT - thinking about applying participatory evaluation more frequently in evaluations I work on


October 6, 2020

WOW- I can be effective in interviews now 


March 2, 2021

WOW- The information about analyzing and using data effectively was helpful