Homelessness and pandemic response resources


If your work involves supporting clients experiencing homelessness or housing vulnerability, you may be worried about how an outbreak could affect their welfare as well as your own. Research has shown that individuals experiencing homelessness may be at greater disadvantage during pandemic outbreaks, are often nutritionally vulnerable, and may have health conditions that put them in medically high risk populations.

Managing pandemic outbreaks within the context of homelessness requires measures that go beyond mainstream approaches. Based on what we know about pandemic outbreaks and homelessness. This blog provides some important points to consider in preparing for COVID-19. It also offers tips for organizations that have not created a pandemic plan or looking to update their existing plan. 

Pandemic outbreaks can be anxiety-provoking for service providers and for clients. The best way to deal with the fear and uncertainty is to have a plan. To learn more about pandemic planning for populations experiencing homelessness, check out the resources compiled below.

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Updated: June 30, 2020
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