Housing First for Youth Service Delivery Model

I. HF4Y Service Design

Introduction to Lesson

In this lesson, you will see how HF4Y core principles and philosophy are put into practice to support youth to obtain and maintain housing.

HF4Y seeks to end youth homelessness by providing immediate access to housing that is safe, affordable, and appropriate for young people, alongside individualized supports. HF4Y principles and guiding values can be applied as an intervention and they can also guide community planning. 

Young people are identified for enrollment in HF4Y programs by various youth-serving agencies working in partnership (e.g., through coordinated access or other local coordinating bodies). A case manager and support team will help youth access housing, navigate systems, connect to community, rebuild or seek out new family and natural supports and offer opportunities  for their personal development and psychosocial needs. 

Learning objectives
  • Describe how programs and communities can identify youth for HF4Y and other programs that support exits from homelessness.
  • Describe the HF4Y staffing model and desired skills and competencies
  • Describe techniques for working with landlords to prevent evictions
  • Describe the HF4Y case management approach
  • Explain how HF4Y can be adapted for specific populations