Housing First for Youth Service Delivery Model

Knowledge Check

Get ready to check your knowledge of section III.

Q1. What key action should programs do when adapting HF4Y for Indigenous youth? (select the best answer)

   a)  Incorporate programming on decolonizing practices.

   b)  Involve Indigenous partners in the development. 

   c)  Replace the HF4Y core principles with the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

Reveal answer

The correct answer is b).

Q2. What HF4Y program might be considered a preventive strategy? (select the best answer)

   a)  Programs that target young woman who have been sex trafficked.

   b)  Programs for young parents/families who are homeless.

   c)  Programs for youth who are leaving child protection. 

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The correct answer is c).

Q3. Why does HF4Y recommend adaptations for local programs? (select the best answer)

   a)  Because each community must respond to the local needs of the youth population.

   b)  Because community leaders should develop their own youth homelessness prevention strategy.

   c)  Because homeless youth in different places have different needs.

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The correct answer is a).

How did you do?

Aim for a score of 3/3. If you got any questions wrong, you may want to go back and reread this section or review the main takeaways below.

Main Takeaways

  • An equity-based approach to HF4Y means that the model should be adapted to meet the needs of priority populations, including Indigenous youth, 2SLGBTQIA+ youth, Black youth and other marginalized youth.