Program Evaluation for the Homelessness Sector

Training introduction

This training is an introduction to program evaluation for the housing and homelessness sector. It is intended to support those working in the housing and homelessness sector to understand, document and communicate the impacts of their work.

Program evaluations serve many functions from satisfying funding obligations to demonstrating impact. Without a well-planned strategy, evaluations can be difficult to execute successfully. Some people may have experienced program evaluations that consumed a lot of resources but didn’t produce useful results or worse, the findings were never shared or acted upon. This training will explore fundamentals of program evaluation to demystify the process and provide helpful strategies for preparing for and conducting evaluations. Organizations that conduct effective program evaluations gain valuable knowledge about services and insights to improve programs for greater impact.

Learning Outcomes
  • Explore reasons for doing program evaluation
  • Compare program evaluation approaches
  • Identify steps to plan and prepare for program evaluations
  • Review methods for implementing an evaluation
  • Explore resources and tools to collect, analyze and share your findings

Training content

8 hours
Training created by
Canadian Observatory on Homelessness
Target Audience
Frontline staff
Managerial staff