Program Evaluation for the Homelessness Sector

Knowledge Check

Get ready to check your knowledge of Part 1.

Q1. Outcomes are the results that need to occur to see sustainable long term changes. Which statement correctly describes short and longer term outcomes? (choose the best answer)

   a)  Short term outcomes are expected within a few months; longer term outcomes always occur 2 to 5 years after an intervention.

   b)  Short term outcomes are tied to program activities; longer term outcomes may involve factors outside the scope of the program. (correct)

   c)  Short term outcomes are program goals stated in measurable terms; longer term outcomes can be expressed more abstractly and cannot be measured.

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The correct answer is b).

Q2. The organizers of a community kitchen program want to conduct a formative evaluation of the program. What question are they likely trying to answer? (choose the best answer)

   a)  How can we implement the program as planned?

   b)  Are we doing this program the way we said we would do it? 

   c)  Did our program meet the desired outcomes?

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The correct answer is a) How can we implement the program as planned?

Q3. After the community kitchen has been operating for a year, the organizers decide to evaluate the program.  The findings will be shared internally and the program activities will be adjusted, if necessary, based on the results. What kind of evaluation would you expect them to do? (choose the best answer)

   a)  Formative evaluation

   b)  Process evaluation

   c)  Summative (outcome) evaluation

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The correct answer is c) Summative evaluation.