Fostering Indigenous Partnerships & Cultural Competency During your PiT Count


This resource will support Canadian communities to develop cultural competency and foster partnerships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities during the Homelessness Partnering Strategy’s Coordinated Point-Time Count. Due to the significant overrepresentation of Aboriginal Peoples among homeless populations in Canada, Aboriginal communities should play a major role in all efforts to understand and address Canadian homelessness, including in PiT Counts. PiT Counts provide the unique opportunity for meaningful collaboration between mainstream and Aboriginal communities, enabling diverse groups to come together to better understand the needs and experiences of marginalized community members. PiT Count data can also contribute to a more comprehensive picture of Aboriginal homelessness locally and nationally, enabling governments to tailor policies, services, and funding to meet the needs of this population. This resource will provide the knowledge and practical skills that PiT Count Coordinators and PiT Count Committees need to achieve these goals.

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Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (COH)
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Reaching Home
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