Housing Placements Webinar


The webinar on Housing Placements took place on September 19, 2018 and was delivered as a HIFIS 4 "Ask the HIFIS team" training webinar. This webinar provided an overview and a deeper look into the Housing Placements module. 

The Housing Placement module in HIFIS 4 is used to track efforts made by a caseworker, or other staff members within a service provider, in placing a client into housing. The Housing Placement module is able to track a client’s journey from housing placement attempts, to follow-ups after the client has secured a unit and moved in. 

To access the webinar recording click here.

For more information on this feature, please contact the Client Support Centre for assistance or visit the Demonstration Website.  

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Employment and Social Development Canada
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Reaching Home
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Frontline staff
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Webinar recording