Trauma and Addiction: Teachings from the Trauma and Homelessness Conference

These video recordings document the Trauma and Homelessness Conference held Oct. 7, 2009 in Toronto. The event was hosted by City of Toronto and was designed as training for front-line workers who support clients who are homeless and/or who experience trauma. Speakers respond to questions such as “How do you recognize trauma?” and “What techniques best assist clients to manage their trauma reactions?” Two videos are shown here. The first features Dr. Gabor Mate speaking on "Trauma and Addictions: How the Past Burdens the Present". The second contains two sessions; one by Boston therapist Peter Botteas M.A. entitled "Focus on Trauma: Recognizing trauma, tools to use with clients, and self-care for front-line workers"; the other highlights the Toronto Trauma Panel sharing their direct working and lived experience on this subject. These sessions enhance awareness of how to assess trauma, and teach skills needed to care both for clients and for the workers themselves. (Video recorded by Master2DVD and distributed by R.E.N.T., A program of EYET Family Resources).
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Canadian Observatory on Homelessness
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Case Management
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Frontline staff
Managerial staff
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Webinar recording
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