Webinar: State of Canadian Child Wellbeing & The Role of Natural Supports in Youth Homelessness Prevention


Strong, healthy childhood relationships are essential for preventing youth homelessness. Yet the UNICEF Report Card 16 found that 1 in 4 Canadian children do not feel supported by their families, suggesting much more needs to be done from a policy and practice perspective to help young people strengthen their network of natural supports. Join Lisa Wolff, Director of Policy and Research, UNICEF Canada and Justin Sage-Passant, Coordinator of the Family and Natural Supports program at Covenant House Toronto, as they discuss the recommendations from the recently published UNICEF Report Card 16 on Canada’s standing in child wellbeing and what the implications are for service providers who are focused on youth homelessness prevention. Alex Nelson, PhD Candidate, Western University and MtS Scholar with Lived Experience will facilitate the session.

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